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PlanetSide 2 Camo Viewer

Preview PlanetSide 2's 3D models and camouflages in the browser

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Other tools

Note: These tools are not associated with ps2hq

Vehicle damage calculator

Outfitpoints: Outfit management tools

PlanetSide 2 Map

Full PlanetSide 2 map. Google Maps style, with sector info.

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Tools for outfits

Embed the Auraxis map on your website:

Map embed API

Keep your eyes on this space for other ps2hq tools you can embed on your own website

PlanetSide 2 API explorer

An easy to use query builder for exploring the PS2 data APIs

PlanetSide 2 API explorer

zomg's YouTube channel

Various PlanetSide 2 related and other gaming stuff


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